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RETROM SA is highly engaged in supplying its customers with high quality goods and services, aiming the enlarging and diversification of its own products portfolio as well as bracing and developing business relationships.
We would like to inform you to take a few minutes to consult our flash-news giving you the possibility to be informed about the novelties brought on market by RETROM SA.



The oxycetylene thermo-insulating dusting system DS 8000 incorporates the latest dusting themo-insulating technology available with E+C pulverizable materials and alloy.


CTM-81 is an electronic block, designed to be used in application as heat carriers, volume of fluid and thermic measurements.


  • is one of the few kind of apparatus made in Romania, with high performances and competitive price
  • due to the fact that the apparatus processes only unified signals (2 ... 10mA; 4 ... 20mA), accuracy class is much better than similary apparatus on the market at this moment (±2% for ΔT< 3ºC and ±1% for ΔT> 3ºC relatively to ±3% respective ±5% at other apparatur);
  • the acquisition data system for PC can makes a rendition of daily, monthly or annual reports of each measurement variable;
  • the computing unit (electronic circuit) is made with highly new technology (programable μprocessor, SMD components). The basic function of CTM-81 is to compute thermal energy as result of processing flow-rate and temperature signals. The applications of CTM-81 can be singularised in the wake of using a programmable μprocessor, as per customers requests (for example can be made only flow-rate counting or only thermic determination);
  • easy mounting, utilisation, low weight and small overall dimension;
  • electronic unit (poz. 1) can be delivered as well in a thermal energy counting and measurement loop, together with a pair of temperature transducers, TTR type (poz. 2) and a ultrasonic flow-rate transducer or any other kind of flow-rate transducer (poz. 3) with output unified signal (2 ... 10mA or 4 ... 20mA).


These valves are designed to work in thermo-electric power station, chemical and petrochemical industry as well as in other fields where are used working agents with low corrosive action and working temperature up to 570ºC.


  • RETROM is one of the very few Romanian manufacturers of this type of valves, having DN 15, 20, 25 at PN 160 and the only Romanian manufacturer of DN 10, 20, 25 at PN 250/400;
  • technical and functional characteristics of these valves are in accordance with the Law 608/2001 previsions and are certified by ISCIR CERT Bucharest according to HG 584/2004 regulations regarding „Underpressure equipment”;
  • high mechanical resistance due to the forged component parts (body, top, flange/stuffing gland, etc.);
    - low price/quality ratio assured by using modern processing tools and technology (CNC machine tools and lathes);
  • recommended to be used in nuclear field (Nuclear Power Station) due to RETROM’s certification of manufacturer for nuclear field, issued by National Commettee for Nuclear Activity Control (CNCAN);
  • redesign facilities of constructive model and connection mode, as per customer’s requests..


PRV-99 is designed to measure and meter the volume of liquid in pipes underpressure, with non-uniform fluids (for example petroleum + salted water). The apparatus has the following component parts: liquid metering loop CEL-95, two electromagnetic valves and a sample taking room.


  • CEL-95 – liquid meter with turbine flow-rate transducer, is a result of redesign and modernizing process of RETROM’s products (ADF+DTI (DIT)). This leads to obtaining high performances, in accordance with actual market demands, low weight and small overall dimensions, easy to mount in processes. The electric unit of CEL, display and command unit is a real operator board;
  • this flow-rate meter with sample tacker replace succesfully mechanic sample tackers (for example in the pumping station), RETROM being the only Romanian manufacturer of it.
  • the device takes flow information as pulse with frecquency of 0 ... 1500Hz and generates unified signal of 4 ... 20mA for a programmable, pre-established flow-rate range;
  • manufacturing CEL with μcontroller allow programming of sample taking function without reference to meter function;
  • due to the programmable software of electronic unit, the device has very low metering errors;
  • the device keeps a jurnal-report of last 16 important events (start, stop, configuration, meter’s initial setup, etc.) assuring in this way the acces control to program;
  • the registered data are not damaged by accidental voltage drops, due to nonvolatile memory which memorize working time and volume indices, daily, at a pre-established, programmable period of time, during minimum 3 months;
  • it is assured galvanic separation between component units (computing unit, pulse generator flow-meter, output in 4 ... 20mA, switch and signalize command module, electromagnetic valves for sample taking);
  • there are not requested special maintenance operations because the turbine is the only part comming under run-out.