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1979 - The Company was founded under the former name of the “Enterprise for Transducers and Self-Operated Controllers”, as manufacturer and purchaser of equipment for industrial automation (I.T.R.D.);

1991 - I.T.R.D. turns into RETROM SA commercial joint-stock company;

August 2003 -RETROM SA becomes 100% private ROMANIAN company.

despre noi

RETROM S.A., a leading Romanian provider of equipment for industrial automation puts at its customer’s disposal a variety range of products: flow-meters, transducers, regulators, thermocouples, thermoresistances, electromagnetic valves, etc.

RETROM has manufacturing capabilities and high qualified personnel able to put their potential into value. All these grant the global capacity to produce not only the equipments that normally belong to our range of fabrication, but also to conceive and develop responses to any kind of specific solicitations our clients may have.

The modern management style based on self imposing of high standards confirms the RETROM reliability regarding services quality, projects time schedules and the guarantee for safety functioning of all the products manufactured by RETROM.

In the context of the Romanian industry, RETROM can be defined as a medium fast developing company, maintaining a flexible and independent Organization, with a professional administration, capable of deciding quickly and efficiently.


  • Designing, manufacturing and distribution of measurement,
  • Automatic control equipment for industrial processes;
  • Mounting works in the activity field;
  • Service in testing, verification and calibration fields;
  • Export import operations and industrial economic co-operation;
  • Research in the activity field



dotari tehnice

  • Sheet metal cutting-off machine MULTITOME CT1503
  • Rough material coverings (CASTODYN)
  • Metrological testing in the flow field that can offer testing for a dimensional range from DN6 up to DN800; and flow-rates of 0,1m3/h … 5200m3/h;
  • Numerically controlled processing center;
  • Welding plants WIG, MIG/MAG;
  • Electro erosion processing machines;
  • Metallic coating equipment;
  • Die-casting machine.

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misiunea retrom

RETROM is strongly committed in providing its customers with products and services of the highest quality, understanding that the real strength of the company consist in its people.

The mission of the company is to provide the behavior pattern and standards to guide each employee for best performance in his daily duties and interaction with customer's requirements.

RETROM pursuits to diversify the company portfolio and to consolidate and extend its business in Romania and abroad.

piata interna

S.C. RETROM S.A. deals with all industries:

  • chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas industry,
  • energy (thermal as well as nuclear),
  • food industry,
  • metallurgy,
  • railroad rolling stocks and naval industry, etc.


The goal of RETROM is simple: to create High Quality Products/Equipment, satisfying all clients' wishes and observing all Legal Regulations, always aiming to do better.

This is achieved by means of a Quality Control System implemented according to SR EN ISO 9001:2001. RETROM is now fully certified.
The success of the Quality Control System is proved by the growth of the Organization, by our new customers and by the fidelity of our all time business partners.