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  • Metrological testing;
  • Cutting processes; hot and cold plastic straining;
  • Die-casting of non-ferrous materials;
  • Rough material coverings (CASTODYN)
  • Rubber vulcanization and injection of thermoplastic and thermo rigid materials;
  • Metallic and paint coatings;
  • Services for sanitation, gas, electric and thermal systems;
  • Designing;
  • Maintenance.

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  • Calibration method: stating weighing of the fluid drained during a definite time
  • Pipe diameter:
    -vertical testing: ø 6mm…ø 100mm
    horizontal testing: ø 10mm… ø800mm
  • Calibration miscalculation: max.0,3%
  • Minimal flow for vertical testing: 0,01m3/h
  • Maximal flow for vertical testing: 30m3/h
  • Minimal flow for horizontal testing: 0,25
  • Maximal flow for horizontal testing: 5000m3/h
  • Tank capacity – constant level: 700m3
  • Maximum load of the weighing machine: 100t